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the Rev'd Christopher John Heath

The Sentence, Collect, NRSV (Anglicized Version) RCL readings with the APBA psalm are in the process of being prepared for each Sunday and Holy Day. This may be of some interest to Anglicans in Australia. I generally have used longer alternatives for the readings and, where set, use the alternative OT and psalm readings, in the [square brackets] - those which relate to the gospel for the day. Links to where these readings have been saved are where the a, b, or c. after the Sunday / Saints Day is underlined.

Copyright Note: The New Revised Standard Version Bible may be quoted and/or reprinted up to and inclusive of five hundred (500) verses without express written permission of the publisher, provided the verses quoted do not amount to a complete book of the Bible or account for fifty percent (50%) of the total work in which they are quoted. "New Revised Standard Version Bible, copyright 1989, Division of Christian Education of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America. Used by permission. All rights reserved." When quotations from the NRSV text are used in non-saleable media, such as church bulletins, orders of service, posters, transparencies, or similar media, the initials (NRSV) may be used at the end of each quotation. The Psalm portions are from A Prayer Book for Australia; The Liturgical Psalter, English text 1976, 1977 'inclusive language' version 1995, David L. Frost, John Emerton, Andrew Macintosh. One psalm only may be reproduced on a non-commercial basis for single occasions, within the guidelines for reproduction from this book. All other rights held by HarperCollins, London. (APBA p 492)

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Year A

Year B

Year C



Advent 1 a, b, c.

Mt 24.42 keep awake..the thief..is coming Ro 13.9 love your neighbour as yourself Ro 13.14 put on the Lord Jesus Mt 24.40 one .. taken .. one .. left
Mt 24.36 no one knows
Mt 24.44 an unexpected hour

Mk 13.24 will be shaken Is 64.1 come down 1 Cor 1.1 called to be an apostle Mk 13.27 gather .. from the four winds Mk 13.25 powers in the heavens will be shaken
Mk 13.31 heaven .. will pass away
Mk 13.35 the powers of heaven will be shaken

1 Th 3.12 love .. for all Lk 21.36 be alert at all times Lk 21.32 this generation will not pass away Lk 21.31 heaven and earth will pass away
Lk 21.34-35 like a trap
Lk 21:38 all the people would get up early

Naming/ Circumcision / Mary a=b=c

Num 6.22 bless the Israelites
Lk 2.19 Mary treasured

Advent 2 a, b, c.

Mt 3.3 make his paths straight Ro 15.5 God of steadfastness and encouragement Ro 15.4 that we might have hope Mt 3.7 you brood of vipers
Mt 3.9 you brood of vipers
Mt 3.1 baptise you with .. fire

Mk 1.3 prepare Mk 1.3 paths straight Is 40.2 double for all her sins 2Pet 3.13 we wait for .. a new earth Mk 1.4 baptism .. repentance .. forgiveness
Mk 1.7 I am not worthy
Mk 1.1 the good news of .. the Son of God

Mal .14 it is vain to serve God Mal 3.10 bring the full tithe Lk 3.2 the word of God came to John
Mal 13.3 purify the sons of Levi
Lk 3:6 all flesh shall see the salvation of God

Conversion of St Paul a=b=c.

Acts 22.14 the God of the ancestors

Advent 3 a, b, c.

Mt 11.5 the poor have good news Mt 11.2 are you the one? Jas 5.7 the farmer waits Mt 11.6 blessed is anyone who takes no offence
Mt 11.5 the poor have good news
Mt 11.3 wait for another?

Jn 1.7 the light Lk 1.47 the greatness of the Lord 1Th do not quench the Spirit Jn 1.27 among you stands one you do not know Jn 1.26 one whom you do not know
Jn 1.20 I am not the Messiah
Jn 1.27 I am not worthy to untie the thong of his sandal

Lk 3.8 bear fruit worthy of repentance Lk 3.9 we have Abraham as our ancestor Lk 3.8 Abraham .. our ancestor
Lk 3.15 whether he might be the Messiah
Lk 3:18 good news to the people

Presentation a=b=c.

Lk 2.22 to present him to the Lord Heb 2.18 he is able to help those .. being tested.
Lk 2.24 a pair of turtle-doves
Lk 2:30 my eyes have seen your salvation

Advent 4 a, b, c.

Mt 1.19 dismiss her quietly Mt 1.18 took place in this way Isa 7.12 not put the LORD to the test Mt 1.19 a righteous man
Rom 1.1 Paul
Mat 1.23 God is with us

Ro 16.26 the mystery now disclosed Ro 16.26 the obedience of faith Lk 1.26 Gabriel was sent .. to a virgin Lk 1.28 greetings .. the Lord is with you
Lk 1.38 Let it be
Lk 1.37 nothing will be impossible with God

Lk 1.46 blessed is she Lk 1.49,52 great things .. lifted up the lowly Heb 10.7 your will Heb 10.7 he abolishes the first
Lk 1.50 those who fear him
Lk 1:41 the child leaped in her womb

Matthias a=b=c.

Christmass Midnight a, b, c.

Jn 1.14 dwelt among us Isa 9.2 the people .. have seen a great light
Lk 2.20 the shepherds
Lk 2.17 what had been told them

Lk 2.12 in a manger Jn 1.14 among us Lk 2.14 Glory to God? Jn1.14 the word made flesh Jn 1.11 his own people did not accept him
Lk 2.7 she gave birth to her first-born son

Lk 2.7 in a manger Jn 1.14 the word was made flesh Luke 2.7 she gave birth

Lk 2:13 a multitude of the heavenly host

Annunciation a=b=c.

Lk 1.46 my soul magnifies the Lord Heb 10.7 I have come to do your will

Christmass (first) a=b= c.

Lk 2.12 a sign .. a child

Lk 2.10 good news of great joy for all
Luke 2.10 do not be afraid

Lk 1.14 the word was made flesh
Lk  2.10 do not be afraid

Mark & Anzac Day a=b=c.

Mk 16.14 lack of faith

Christmass (second) a=b=c.

Jn 1.14 the Word became flesh

Philip & James a=b=c.

Jn 14.6 except by me / Jn 14.8 we shall be satisfied!

Christmass 1 = Holy Family a, b, c.

Mt 2.18 Herod was infuriated Heb 2.11 all have one Father
Mt 2.13 flee to Egypt
Mt 2.13 take the child and flee to Egypt

Lk 2.27 Simeon Gal 4.7 no longer a slave Lk 2.32 revelation to the Gentiles

Lk 2.50 they did not understand

Lk 2.46 listening and asking questions
Lk 2:49 in my Father's house?

Barnabas a=b=c.

Christmass 2 a=b=c.

Jn 1.9 that enlightens everyone
Jn 1.17 grace and truth came through Jesus

Jn 1.17 grace and truth Jn 1.5 the darkness has not overcome it Jn1.13 born, not of blood
Jn 1.1 the word was God

Jn 1.14 lived among us Eph 1.12 you also were .. marked
Jn 1.14 the word became flesh
Jn 1:16 from his fulness we have all received, grace upon grace

John Baptist a=b=c.

Epiphany a=b=c.

Mt 2.11 paid him homage Mt 2.5 written by the prophet Eph 3.5 this mystery .. now .. revealed Eph 3.8 to the Gentiles

Mt 2.3 Herod and all Jerusalem were frightened
Mt 2.2 we have come to pay him homage

Mt 2.3 he was frightened and all Jerusalem

Peter & Paul a=b=c.

Jn 21.17 feed my sheep Jn 21.18 take you where you do not wish to go

Ash Wednesday a=b=c.

Mt 6.21 your treasure

Mary Magdalene a=b=c.

Lent 1 a, b, c.

Mt 4.3 if you are... Mt 4.1 into the wilderness Gen 2.16 knowledge of good and evil Mt 4.9 all these I will give you
Mt 4.6 you will not dash your foot
Mt 4.9 if you will .. worship

Mk 1.13 beasts and angels Gen 9.16 see it and remember 1 Pet 3.23 baptism .. now saves you Mk 1.12 the wilderness Mk 1.13 40 days tempted by the devil
Mk 1.15 the time is fulfilled
Mk 1:12 drove him into the wilderness

Ro 10.12 the Lord .. is generous Ro 10.4 righteousness for everyone Lk 4.3 command this stone Deut 26.3 I have come into the land
Lk 4.3 if you are ..
Lk 4.1 led by the Spirit
Lk 4:1 the wilderness

James the Apostle a=b=c.

Mt 20.24 the ten ..were angry 2 Co 4.15 everything for your sake

Lent 2 a, b, c. (Transfiguration see Sunday next before Lent.)

Jn 3.16 loved the world Jn 3.16 God so loved the world Jn 3.8 where it chooses Rom 4.5 trust him who justifies the ungodly
Mt 17.4 three dwellings
Jn 3.8 you do not know where

Mk 8.34 renounce himself Ro4.20 no distrust ?!? Gen 17.1 99 years old Mk 8.31 undergo great suffering Mk 8.38 ashamed of me .. adulterous generation
Mk 8.36 what will it profit them?
Mk 8:38 ashamed of me

Lk 13.7 cut it down Phil 3.21 he will transform Lk 13.7 looking for fruit Lk 13.3 unless you repent you will perish
Lk 13.9 if not, cut it down
Lk 13.3 unless you repent
Lk 13:35 blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord

Transfiguration a, b, c, August 6th.

Lent 3 a, b, c.

Jn 4.10 no bucket Jn 4.10 no bucket Jn 4.27 speaking with a woman!
Jn 4.27 with a woman
Jn 4.14 become in them a spring of water

Ex 20.2 10 commandments 1 Co 1.23 Christ crucified Jn 2.15 a whip of cords Ps 19.12 own unwitting sins Jn 2.17 zeal for your house
Jn 2.17 zeal for your house
Jn 2:16 a marketplace

1 Co 10.8 23,000 fell Lk 13.35 Blessed is the one Isa 55.3 delight yourself in rich food Lk 13.33 killed away from Jerusalem
Lk 13.34 gather your children
Lk 13.35 your house is left to you
Lk 13:7 cut it down

Bartholomew a=b=c.

Lent 4 Mothering Sunday a, b, c.

Jn 9.30 an astonishing thing Jn 9.3 God's works might be revealed in him Jn 9.41 your sin remains
Jn 9.40 we are not blind are we? 
Jn 9.16 a man who is a sinner

Jn 3.16 God so loved Eph 2.8,10 grace, saved, faith..good works Num 21.8 everyone who is bitten Jn 3.20 hate .. and do not come to the light Jn 3.18 condemned already
Jn 3.19 their deeds were evil
Jn 3:16 God so loved the world

Lk 15.28 to plead with him 2 Co 5.17 a new creation Jos 5.12 they ate the crops of the land of Canaan Lk 15.30 became angry and refused
Lk 15.1 a man had two sons
Lk 15.29 never disobeyed
Lk 15:22 a robe - the best one - and put it on him

Matthew a=b=c.

Mt 9.9 Follow me St Di? Pro 3.5 do not rely on your own insight
Mt 9.13 I desire mercy not sacrifice

Lent 5 a, b, c.

Jn 11.35 began to weep Ezek 37.9 prophesy to the breath .. mortal Ro 8.6 set the mind on .. life and peace
Jn 11.21 if you had been here
Jn 11.14 Lazarus is dead

Jn 12.21 we wish to see Jesus Heb 5.6 a priest forever Jer 31.33 they shall all know me Jn 12.28 have .. and will glorify it again Jn 12.27 now my soul is troubled
Jn 12.28 I will glorify it again
Jn 12:27 save me from this hour

Jn 12.5 given to the poor Jn 12.5 why was this .. not sold? Phil 3.4 I have more ... reason to be confident Phil 3.11 attain the resurrection
Jn 12.4 Judas .. his disciple
Jn 12.4 Mary .. anointed Jesus' feet
Jn 12:5 why ..?

Michael & all Angels a=b=c.

Jn 1.54 you will see angels
Jn 1.51 angels of God

Lent 6 = Palm Sunday a, b, c.

Mt 21.9 shouting Hosanna! Mat 27.11 Are you ..? Phil 2.7 he emptied himself
Phil 2.7 he emptied himself
Mt 28.2 you say so

Mk 15.39 this man was God's son Phil 2.7 he emptied himself Mk 11.11 he looked around at everything Mk 11.10 blessed is the coming kingdom of David
Mk 15.14  crucify him
Mk 15:25 they crucified him

Phil 2.5 the same mind Lk 19.39 order your disciples to stop Isa 50.9 who will declare me guilty? Phil 2.6 equality with God
Lk 23.35 let him save himself
Phil 2.7 born in human likeness
Lk 23:5 he stirs up the people

Luke a=b=c.

Lk 10.8,9 enter a town .. eat .. cure

Monday before Easter a=b=c

Simon & Jude a=b=c.

Jude 18 scoffers
Jude 3,18 contend .. scoffers

Tuesday before Easter a=b=c

All Saints a,b,c.

Eph 1.18 eyes .. enlightened Jn 11.43 Lazarus, come out!
Mt 5.3 how happy are the poor in Spirit
Jn 11:44 unbind him and let him go

Wednesday before Easter a=b=c

Andrew a=b=c.

Maundy Thursday a=b=c

Thomas a=b=c.

Good Friday a=b=c.

Mt 27.40 if you are the Son of God Gen 22.12 because you have not withheld ... Jn 18.36 followers .. fighting
1 Co 15.3 Christ died for our sins
1 Co 15.3 Christ died for our sins

Jn 18.40 Barabbas was a bandit Rev 5.12 O Lamb .. slain Jer 40.9 do not be afraid .. stay .. and serve Jn 18.23 why do you strike me?
Jn 18.28 avoid ritual defilement
Jonah 4:4 is it right for you to be angry

Lk 23.34 etc 7 words / Jn 19.30 it is finished Jn 18.25 I am not Jn 19.7 he ought to die ... Jer 40.9 do not be afraid to serve Jn 19.7 according to that law he ought to die
Jn 19.24 to fulfil .. the scriptures
Jn 18.28 avoid ritual defilement
Jn 18:38 I find no case against him

Stephen a=b=c.

Mt 10.19 what you are to say will be given Acts 7.59 receive my spirit

Holy Saturday a=b=c.

Easter Vigil a=b=c

Easter Day a, b, c.

Mt 28.7 ahead of you to Galilee Col 3.1 seek the things .. where Christ is .. Col 3.1 seek the things ... above
Jo 20.21 I send you
Mt 28.2 an angel of the Lord

Mk 16.8 he has escaped! Acts 10.34 no favourites 1 Co 15.8 he appeared also to me .. Mk 16.6 he is not here Mk 16.7 ahead of you to Galilee
1 Co 15.3 Christ died for our sins
Mk 16:7 go, tell the disciples

Lk 24.11 an idle tale Lk 24.5 living among the dead? Lk 24.11 an idle tale .. they did not believe Lk 24.11 an idle tale
Lk 24.5 among the dead?
Lk 24.11 they did not believe him
Lk 24:5 why do you look for the living among the dead?

John the Evangelist a=b=c.

1 Jn 1.3 fellowship with us
Jn 20.8 he saw and believed

Easter Evening a=b=c.

Holy Innocents a=b=c.

Mt 2.16 killed all the children 1 John 1.5 God is light
Mt 2.16 he sent and killed all the children

Second Sunday of Easter a, b, c.

Jn 20.19 peace Jn 20.25 unless I see .. Jn 20.23 if you forgive the sins of any ..
Jn 20.29 have come to believe
Jn 20.27 put your finger here

Jn 20.29 blessed are those who have not seen Jn 20.21 so I send you
Jn 20.29 blessed are those who have not seen
Jn 20:19 the doors were locked for fear

Ac 5.28 blood on us Rev 1.5 freed us from our sins Jn 20.29 blessed are those who have not seen
Jn 20.21 Peace .. I send you
Jn 20.27 do not doubt but believe
Jn 20:19 locked for fear

Joseph a=b=c.

Third Sunday of Easter a, b, c.

1 Pet 1.17 reverent fear Mt 28.8 Jesus met them .. Acts 2.41 3000 persons
Lk 24.19 what things?
Mt 28.13 they stole him away

Lk 24.44 everything written about me 1 Jn 2.15 do not love the world 1 Jn 2.15 do not love the world Lk 24.37 seeing a ghost Lk 24.45 opened their minds
Lk 24.39 touch me and see
Lk 24:37 seeing a ghost

Jn 21.17 feed my sheep Jn 21.3 going fishing Jn 21.15 do you love me?
Jn 21.18 where you do not wish to go
Is 38.19 the living .. they thank you
Jn 21.12 come and have breakfast
Jn 21:1 by the sea of Tiberius

Visitation a=b=c.

Fourth Sunday of Easter a, b, c.

Jn 10.7 the gate Jn 10.8 I am the gate 1 Pet 2.2 if .. you have tasted Jn 10.3 he .. leads them out
Jn 10.5 will not follow a stranger
Jn 10.5 they will not follow a stranger

Jn 10.12 does not own Acts 4.12 salvation in no other name 1 Jn 3.23 in the name .. of Jesus Jn 10.16 other sheep .. listen Jn 10.12 leaves the sheep
Jn 10.12 the wolf snatches them
1 Jn 3:16 lay down our lives

Rev 7.16 hunger .. thirst no more Jn 10.24 tell us plainly Jn 10.25 you do not believe
Jn 10.30 the Father and I are one
Jn 10.26 you do not believe because you do not belong
Jn 10:30 the Father and I are one

Name of Jesus a=b=c.

Fifth Sunday of Easter a, b, c.

Jn 14.6 except through me? 1 Pet 2.18 accept .. authority Acts 7.58 to stone him Jn 14.6 except through me
Jn 14.6 except through me
Jn 14.9 you still do not know me?

Jn 15.5 abide in me Acts 8.36 what is to prevent me? Acts 8.31 how can I understand? 1 Jn 4.20 those who .. hate .. are liars Jn 15.4 abide in me
Jn 15.4 abide in me
Jn 15:4 abide in me

Rev 21.5 all ... new Acts 11.17 hinder God Rev 21.13 three gates Jn 13.31 when Judas had gone out
Jn 13.33 you cannot come
Rev 21.4 death will be no more
Acts 11:9 you must not call profane

Blessed Virgin Mary a=b=c.

Gal 4.4 God sent his Son Lk 2.5 she gave birth

Sixth Sunday of Easter a, b, c.

1 Pet 3.15 your defence 1 Pet 3.17 if suffering should be God's will 1 Pet 3.11 seek peace and pursue it Jn 14.17 the world cannot receive
Jn 14.15 keep my commandments
Jn 14.15 you will keep my commandments

1 Jn 5.4 the victory .. our faith 1 Jn 5.1 loves the parent, loves the child Jn 15.4 your joy complete
Jn 15.9 abide in my love
Jn15:16 I chose you

Jn 14.28 I am going away Acts 16.9 come over to Macedonia Rev 22.2 the healing of the nations Jn 14.27 peace not as the world gives
Jn 14.27 do not let your hearts be troubled
Jn 14.24 the word .. is from the Father
Jn 14:27 my peace .. not as the world gives

Holy Cross a=b=c.

Ascension Day a, b, c.

Saints etc of the Ang Com a=b=c.

Seventh Sunday of Easter = Sunday after the Ascension a, b, c.

Acts 1.11 why .. look.. up? Jn 17.1 the hour has come Act 1.8 you will be my witnesses 1 Pet 5.14 greet one another with a kiss
Jn 17.11 that they may be one
Jn 17.1 the hour has come

Jn 17.13 joy made complete Jn 17.18 sent into the world 1 Jn 5.12 whoever has the Son has life Jn 17.14 the world has hated them
Jn 17.1 protect them in my name
Jn 17:11 they may be one

Jn 17.23 you have sent me Acts 16.16 a slave girl Acts 16.19 their hope of making money Jn 17.21 may they all be one
Lk 24.51 he withdrew from them
Jn 17.23 I in them .. that they may be one
Jn 17:21 they may all be one

Martyrs a=b=c.

St George.

Mt 5:3 blessed are the poor in Spirit

Pentecost a, b, c.

Num 22.38 Balaam Jn 20.21 I send you Jn 7.38 out of the believer's heart 1 Co 12.13 all made to drink of one Spirit 1 Co 12.9 to one is given faith Jn 20.23 they are retained
Acts 2.11 in our own languages
Acts 2.8 in our own native language

Acts 2.11 our ... languages Ro 8.26 we do not know how to pray Acts 2.15 it is only 9 o'clock .. Jn 16.13 he will guide you
Jn 16.8 prove the world wrong
Jn 16:8 prove the world wrong

Acts 2.3 tongues of fire Acts 2.17 daughters shall prophesy Jn 14.17 the Spirit .. the world cannot receive Ro 8.14 Spirit of adoption Jn 14.12 greater works
Acts 2.3 tongues of fire
Jn 14.14 I will do it
Acts 2:4 in other languages

Teachers / Theologians a=b=c.

Trinity Sunday a, b, c.

Ex 34.6 gracious and merciful Matt 28.20 teaching them to obey 2 Co 13.11 farewell Mt 28.17 some doubted
2 Co 13.14 the grace ..
Mt 28.19 make disciples of all nations

Jn 3.10 do you not understand Is 6.3 the whole earth is full of his glory Jn 3.5 no one can enter without .. Rom 8:15 a spirit of adoption Jn 3.7 you must be born from above
Jn 3.2 came to Jesus by night
Jn 3:8 you do not know

Pro 8.31 delighting in the human race Ro 5.1 justified by faith .. peace with God Jn 16.12 you cannot bear them now Jn 16.13 the Spirit will guide you into all truth
Jn 16.13 the things .. to come
Ro 5.5 God's love has been poured into our hearts

Bishops / Pastors a=b=c.

Sunday 1 = Baptism of Jesus a, b, c.

Mt 3.17 I am well pleased Mt 3.17 my Son Isa 42.13 a warrior ..stirs up his fury (e) Mat 3.14 I need Mt 3.17 with whom I am well pleased
Heb 1.6 let .. angels worship him
Mt 3.16 the heavens were opened

Gen 1.3 God said .. and there was Gen 1.1 In the beginning .. Ac 19.6 they .. prophesied Mk 1.11 you are my Son
Mk 1.10 the heavens were torn open
Gen 1.1 in the beginning

Lk 3.22 I am well pleased Acts 8.16 as yet the Spirit had not come .. Lk 3.15 filled with expectation Lk 3.22 I am well pleased
Lk 3.21 and was praying
Lk 3.21-22 when he was praying
Lk 3:15 the people were filled with expectation

Missionaries a=b=c.

Sunday 2 a, b, c.

Jn 1.29 takes away .. sin .. Jn 1.42 you shall be called ... 1 Co 1.7 you are not lacking Jn 1.33 baptises with the Holy Spirit
Jn 1.38 what are you looking for?
Gal 1.11 not of human origin
Jn 1.29 who takes away the sin of the world

1 Co 6.12 all beneficial Jn 1.46 can anything good ..? 1 Sam 3.10 your servant is listening 1 Sam 3.10 your servant is listening 1 Co 6.18 shun fornication
1 Co 6.17 one spirit with him
1 Co 6.18 shun fornication

Jn 2.10 the good wine Jn 2.11 revealed his glory 1 Co 12.3 Jesus be cursed Jn 2.4 Woman .. you and me?
Jn 2.10 kept the good wine
Jn 2.4 Woman, what concern is that?
Jn 2:4 my hour has not yet come

OT Patriarchs & Prophets a=b=c.

Sunday 3 a, b, c.

Mt 4.17 repent! 1 Co1.18 foolishness to those .. perishing Mt 4.24 all Syria Mt 4.13 home in Capernaum
Mt 4.19 fish for people
Mt 4.17 the kingdom of heaven has come near

Mk 1.9 mending their nets Mk 1.17 follow me 1 Co 7.31 is passing away 1 Co 7.31 this world is passing away Mk 1.17 fish for people
Mk 1.17 fish for people

Neh 8.10 drink sweet wine 1 Co 12.30 strive for the higher gifts Lk 4.18 good news Lk 4.18 to the poor
Lk 4.15 praised by everyone
Lk 4.18 the Lord has anointed me
Lk 4:18 the Lord has anointed me to bring good news to the poor

Holy Persons / Saints a=b=c.

Sunday 4 a, b, c.

Mt 5.3 poor in spirit Micah 6.8 Walk humbly with your God Mt 5.7 blessed are the merciful
Mt 5.3 poor in spirit

1 Co 8:1 love builds up Mk 1.24 have you come to destroy us? Mk 1.24 come to destroy us?
Mk 1.27 new teaching with authority
Mk 1:24 what have you to do with us?

1 Co 13.7 believes in us 1 Co 13 .. God is ... Jer 1.6 I am only a boy Lk 4.26 a widow .. in Sidon
1 Co 13.5 does not insist
1 Co 13.13 the greatest of these is love

Corpus Christi a=b=c.

Sunday 5 a, b, c.

Mt 5.13 salt of the earth
Mt 5.13 you are the salt of the earth
Mt 5.13 no longer good for anything

1 Co 9.20 became .. a Jew Mk1.38 the message there also Is 40.27 my right has been disregarded Mk 1.35 a deserted place Mk1.37 everyone searching for you
Mk 1.38 let us go on
Mk 1:33 the whole city was gathered

1 Co 15.3 died .. and .. was buried Lk 5.7 I am a sinful man Isa 6.6 your sin is blotted out 1 Co 15.3,4 Christ died .. and .. was raised
Lk 5.1 the crowds were pressing
Lk 5.1 to hear the word of God
Lk 5:1 standing beside the sea of Gennesaret

Harvest a=b=c.

Sunday 6 a, b, c.

Mt 5.24 first be reconciled
Mt 5.24 first be reconciled

Mk 1.41 he .. touched him, and said, I do choose 1 Co 9.26 not run aimlessly Mk 1.40 moved with pity Mk 1.44 show yourself to the priest
Mk 1.41 Jesus .. touched him
Mk 1:41 be made clean

Lk 6.20 blessed are the poor Lk 6.20 blessed are the poor Lk 6.23 rejoice Lk 6.22 blessed are you .. when they exclude you

All Souls a=b=c.

Sunday 7 a, b, c.

Mt 5.46 what reward?
Mt 5.39 do not resist the evildoer

Mk 2.5 your sins are forgiven 2 Co 1.22 God .. has .. given us his Spirit Mk 2.5 Jesus saw their faith
Mk 2.9 which is easier?

1 Co 15.36 Fool!

Confession Of St Peter a=b=c.

Sunday 8 a, b, c.

Mt 6.22 eye is a lamp of the body
Mt 6.24 God and wealth

Mt 6.24 you cannot serve God and wealth

2 Co 3.5 competence from God

Luke 6:39 can a blind person guide a blind person?

Australia Day a=b=c.

Last after Epiphany = Transfiguration a, b, c.

Mt 17.4 three dwellings Mt 17.7 do not be afraid 2 Pet 1.16 eyewitnesses of his majesty Mt 17.9 down the mountain

2 Pet 1.20 AV/KJV

2 Co 4.7 clay jars 2 Co 4.5 we do not proclaim ourselves Mk 9.5 let us make three dwellings Mk 9.4 Elijah .. Moses .. Jesus

Lk 9.35 this is my son 2 Co 3.17 there is freedom 2 Co 3.18 all .. are being transformed 2 Co 3.18 all ..being transformed Lk 9.32 this is my son
Lk 9.30 Moses and Elijah talking

First Service at Sydney Cove a=b=c.

Sunday 9 a, b, c.

Deut 11.26 a blessing and a curse Mat 7.20 by their fruits Mt 7.19 cut down
Mt 7.23 you evildoers

Mk 3.5 anger at hardness

Lk 7.4 he is worthy

Anzac Day a=b=c.

Sunday 10 a, b, c.

Mat 9.13 mercy not sacrifice Mat 9.11 tax collectors and sinners Mat 9.20 if I only touch his cloak Mt 9.10 dinner in the house

Mk 10.34 brother sister mother
Mk 3.30 he has an unclean spirit
Mk 3:22 he has Beelzebul

1K 17.18 sin to remembrance
Lk 7.14 I say to you, rise
Lk 7.12 a large crowd

Coming of the Light a=b=c.

Sunday 11 a, b, c.

Mt 10.8 raise the dead Mt 10.13 let your peace return Rom 5.10 we were enemies Mt 10.8 give without payment

2 Co 5.6 confidence Mk 4.34 he explained everything Mk 4.31 like a mustard seed
Mk 4.27 the seed would sprout and grow
Mk 4:32 make nests in its shade

Lk 7.38 kissing his feet Lk 7.50 your faith has saved you Gal 2.20 it is no longer I who live Lk 7.39 if he were a prophet
Lk 7.42 which .. will love him more?
Lk 7.50 your faith has saved you

New Guinea Martyrs a=b=c.

Sunday 12 a, b, c.

Mt 10.35 man against his father Matt 10.28 fear him who can destroy Mt 10.32 who acknowledges me before others
Mt 10.37 loves father or mother

Mk 4.39 peace be still Job 38.4 where were you? 2 Co 6.3 no obstacle 2 Co 6.5 beatings, imprisonments Mk 4.38 we are perishing!!
Mk 4.40 have you still no faith?
Mk 4:35 the other side

Lk 8.35 they were afraid Gal 3.28 you are one Lk 8.28 do not torment me
Lk 2.28 do not torment me
Lk 8.27 in the tombs

Dedication Festival a=b=c.

Mk 12.14 deference to no one

Sunday 13 a, b, c.

Mt 10.42 a cup of cold water Ro 6.23 free gift .. eternal life Ro 6.18 set free from sin Ro 6.22 you have been freed from sin
Mt 10.42 gives even a cup of cold water
Ro 6.23 the wages of sin is death

Mk 5.30 she .. told him the .. truth Lam 3.27,29 it is good .. to sit alone.. 2 Co 8.13 a question of fair balance Mk 5.30 who touched my clothes?
Mk 5.41 talitha cum!
Mk 5:41 get up!

Lk 9.62 hand to the plough Gal 5.22 fruit of the Spirit .. faith Gal 5.15 devour one another Lk 9.54 fire from heaven
Lk 9.54 command fire
Lk 9.54 command fire?

Rogation Days see Harvest above a=b=c.

Sunday 14 a, b, c.

Mt 11.27 no one knows ... Ro 7.17 nothing good dwells within me Ro 7.23 another law at war Mt 11.17 you did not dance .. mourn
Mt 11.19 a glutton and a drunkard
Mt 11.24 more tolerable for .. Sodom

Mk 6.2 where did he get this? Eze 2.2 set me on my feet 2 Co 12.10 content with .. insults Mk 6.7 he sent them out Mk 6.12 all should repent
Mk 6.7,13 sent them out .. cast out many demons
Mk 6:6 their unbelief

Lk 10.9 has come... Isa 66.11 drink deeply .. from her glorious bosom Gal 6.14 boast of .. the Cross Lk 10.21 hidden from the wise
Lk 10.24 kings desired to see
Lk 10.12 more tolerable for Sodom

Ember Days a=b=c.

Sunday 15 a, b, c.

Mt 13.22 the one who hears Is 55.11 it shall accomplish Mt 13.14 you will .. never perceive Mt 13.7 among thorns Mt 13.3 a sower went out to sow
Mt 13.15 they have shut their eyes
Mt 13.2 such great crowds gathered

Mk 6.16 John .. has been raised Am 7.14 a herdsman Eph 1.3 in Christ Mk 6.16 John .. has been raised
Eph 1.7 redemption through his blood
Mk 6:14 John .. has been raised

Lk 10.30 his way down ... Lk 10.29 wanting to justify himself Deut 30.14 the word is very near Lk 10.31 passed by on the other side
Lk 10.29 wanting to justify himself
Lk 10.25 what must I do?

Baptisms / Tnx for Baptism a=b=c.

Mt 28.19 baptise all Jn 3.5 no one can enter without ..

Sunday 16 a, b, c.

Mt 13.27 these weeds Ro 8.18 sufferings .. not worth comparing Mt 13.42 weeping and gnashing of teeth Ro 8.24 who hopes for what is seen?
Mt 13.43 weeping and gnashing of teeth
Mt 13.24 sowed good seed

Mk 6.31 rest a while Mk 6.34 sheep without a shepherd Eph 2.16 one new humanity Eph 2.14 broken down .. hostility Mk 6.34 he had compassion on the great crowd
Mk 6.55 people rushed about to bring
Mk 6:56 begged him they they might touch

Lk 10.40 tell her to help me Col 1.15 the image of the invisible God Lk 10.41 worried and distracted Lk 10.38 Mary has chosen
Lk 10.42 Mary has chosen
Lk 10.40 tell her then to help me

Unity a=b=c.

Sunday 17 a, b, c.

Mt 13.44 treasure .. found Ro 8.39 nothing will be able to separate us Mt 13.44 treasure hidden
Mt 13.44 treasure hidden
Mt 13.46 one pearl

Jn 6.11 they were satisfied Ep 3.18,19 may you know the love of Christ Jn 6.11 he distributed them .. Jn 6.17 had not yet come Jn 6.21 they reached the land
Jn 6.15 by force to make him king
Jn 6:18 the sea became rough

Lk 11.1 teach us to pray Lk 11.2 hallowed be your name Lk 11.13 give the Holy Spirit
Lk 11.13 you .. who are evil
Lk 11.13 good gifts to your children

Monastic a=b=c.

Sunday 18 a, b, c.

Mt 14.14 he had compassion Ro 9.3 I..wish..that was accursed Rom 9.13 I have .. hated Esau Mt 14.16 you give them something to eat
Mt 14.16 you give them something to eat
Mt 14.6 you give them something to eat
Mt 14.20-21 all ate .. men .. women .. children

Ex 16.4 rain bread Jn 6.35 never be hungry Eph 4.15 speaking the truth in love Eph 4.14 peoples' trickery Jn 6.35 will never be hungry
Jn 6.29 the work of God .. believe
Jn 6:29 believe in him whom he has sent

Ecc 1.1 vanity of vanity Col 3.1 seek the things that are above Lk 12.15 all kinds of greed Lk 12.13 tell my brother
Lk 12.19 relax, eat, drink, be merry
Lk 12.14 judge or arbiter?

Stewardship (228)

Jn 17.18 sent into the world Lk 19.8 I will give to the poor

Sunday 19 a, b, c.

1 K 19.9 what are you doing here? Come Matt 14.29 Rom 10.8 the word is in your heart Mt 14.30 he became frightened
Mt 14.22 he dismissed the crowds
1 K 19.13 what are you doing here, Elijah?

Jn 6.48 bread of life Eph 4.31,5.1 put away wrath, imitate God. Eph 4:29 give grace to those who hear Jn 6.45 all.. taught by God Jn 6.42 whose father and mother we know
Jn 6.35 I am the bread of life
Jn 6:51 I .. give for the life of the world

Heb 11.3 obeyed and set out Lk 12.32 Do not be afraid Lk 12.36 open the door Lk 13.13 purses that do not wear out
Lk 12.32 good pleasure to give
Lk 12.32 do not be afraid

??? why get married ???

Sunday 20 a, b, c.

Mt 15.27 Woman, great is your faith Rom 11.20 stand in awe Mt 15.14 blind guides
Mt 15.23 send her away
Mt 15.11 out of the mouth

Eph 5.25 husbands love Jn 6.53 you have no life in you Pro 9.6 lay aside immaturity and live Eph 5.12 sleeper awake Jn 6.51 will live forever
Mt 5.41 go also the second mile
Jn 6:51 I .. give for the life of the world

Lk 12.51 I..bring..division Heb 11.37 sawn in two Lk 12.51 I have come to bring division
Lk 12.52 three against two
Lk 12.53 son against father

Women (228)

Matt 26.7 very expensive ointment

Sunday 21 a, b, c.

Ro 12.8 cheerfulness Mt 16.19 loosed in heaven Mt 16.20 not to tell anyone Ro12.1 present your bodies Ro 12.8 cheerfulness
Mt 16.16 you are the Messiah
Ro 12.8 the compassionate with cheerfulness

Jos 24.18 we too will serve Jn 6.68 to whom shall we go? Eph 6.10 be strong Eph 6.20 an ambassador in chains Jn 6.68 to whom can we go?
Jn 6.68 you have the words of eternal life
Jn 6:68 to whom can we go?

Lk 13.14 leader .. indignant Is 58.9 the pointing of the finger Heb 12.24 better .. than the blood of Abel Lk 13.14 not on a Sabbath day
Lk 13.16 Satan bound
Lk 13.12 your ailment

St Richard (218)

Ezek 34.17 judge between sheep and sheep Matt 25.40 as you did it to (someone else) Phil 4.11 learned to be content

Sunday 22 a, b, c.

Mt 16.22 empty handed Jesus Mt 16.23 divine things Rom 12.20 burning coals Rom 12.20 burning coals Mt 16.22 God forbid it, Lord
Mt 16.24 let them deny themselves
Mt 16.24 deny themselves .. follow me

Jas 1.27 unstained by the world Mk 7.6 hypocrites! Deut 4.7 niether .. forget Mk 7.5 not live according to the tradition Mk 7.6 the tradition of the elders
Mk 7.22 avarice
Mk 7:5 eat with defiled hands?

Lk 14.1 ..watching him closely Lk 14.10 friend, move up higher Lk 14.13 invite the poor Heb 13.15 continually offer .. praise
Lk 14.1 watching him closely
Lk 14.3 on the sabbath


a time to remember

Sunday 23 a, b, c.

Ro 13.8 owe no one Mt 18.12 in search of the one Mt 18.19 if two of you agree Mat 18.20 gathered in my name Mt 18.10 do not despise
Mt 18.17 take one or two others
Mt 18.16 if you are not listened to

Mk 7.37 makes the deaf? Mk 7.25 a woman Isa 35.4 be strong do not fear Jas 2.1 do you .. really believe? Mk 7.33 aside in private
Mk 7.24 he could not escape notice
Mk 7:24 he did not want anyone to know

Lk 14.33 give up all Phm 18 charge that to my account Lk 14.26 hate .. life itself Lk 14.28 first .. estimate the cost
Lk 14.32 ask .. for peace
Lk 14.27 carry the Cross

Francis of Assisi  (229)

Holy Women of the NT (231)

Gal 6.14 crucified to the world

Rom 16.7 Junia

Sunday 24 a, b, c.

Mt 18.35 God will do to you Mt 18.27 the Lord .. forgave him Mt 18.35 so my .. Father will .. do to .. you Ro 14.1 not for quarrelling Mt 18.24 10,000 talents
Mt 18.26 have patience with me
Mt 18.33 should you not have had mercy?

Mk 8.29 the Messiah Mk 8.30 he sternly ordered them Jas 2.21 justified when he offered his son Mk 8.27 who do people say that I am? Mk 8.32 rebuke him
Mk 8.36 what will it profit?
Mk 8:27 who do you say that I am?

Lk 15.9 rejoice with me Lk 15.9 rejoice with me 1 Tim 1.13 ignorantly in unbelief Lk 15.2 welcomes sinners
Lk 15.7 the one that is lost
Lk 15.7 need no repentance

Sea Sunday

Mk 4.38 do you not care?

Sunday 25 a, b, c.

Mt 20.15 are you envious? Mt 20.15 envious because I am generous Mt 20.15 are you envious? Mt 20.12 equal to us Mt 20.14 I choose to give .. the same
Mt 20.12 equal to us!
Mt 20.4 go into the vineyard

Ja 3.9 we curse .. Mk 9.37 whoever welcomes .. welcomes the one who sent me Mk 9.35 servant of all
Mk 9.37 whoever welcomes one
Mk 9:33 what were you arguing about on the way?

Lk 16.9 make friends ... Lk 16.9 make friends for yourselves 1 Tim 4.2 seared with a hot iron 1 Tim 4.4 everything .. good .. nothing .. rejected
Lk 16.9 make friends
Lk 16.7 how much do you owe?

Sunday 26 a, b, c.

Mt 21.23 by what authority? Phil 2.4 look .. to the interests of others Mt 21.28 go and work in the vineyard
Mt 21.23 by what authority?
Mt 21.28 go and work in the vineyard

Mk 9.47 if your eye Jas 5.14 the elders of Church Num 11.29 would that all were prophets Jas 5.16 confess your sins Mk 9.41 a cup of water
Mk 9:41 whoever gives you a cup of water

Lk 16:26 a great chasm Lk 16:26 a great chasm .. fixed 1 Tim 6.18 ready to share Lk 16.24 send Lazarus
Lk 16.24 send Lazarus
Lk 16.28 five brothers

Sunday 27 a, b, c.

Phil 3.8 knowing Christ Isa 5.1 let me sing for my beloved my love-song Mt 21.38 let us .. get his inheritance Mt 21.34 to collect his produce
Mt 21.45 speaking about them
Mt 21.34 to collect his produce

Gen 2.18 a helper fit Mk 10.14 do not stop them Heb 2.11 not ashamed Mk 10.13 spoke sternly Mk 10.4 Moses allowed a man
Mk 10.15 as a little child
Mk 10:2 is it lawful for a man

Lk 17.10 worthless slaves Lk 17.10 we are worthless slaves 2 Tim 1.12 I am not ashamed 2 Tim 1.7 spirit of .. self discipline
Lk 17.10 what we ought to have done

Sunday 28 a, b, c.

Mat 22.13 weeping and gnashing of teeth Phil 4.4 rejoice in the Lord Phil 4.11 learned to be content Mt 22.5 they made light of it
Mt 22.3 call those .. invited
Mt 22.13 weeping and gnashing of teeth

Mk 10.18 no one good Mk 10.29 a hundredfold Heb 4.12 the word of God is living and active Heb 4.15 sympathize with our weaknesses Mk 10.30 receive a hundredfold
Mk 10.21 Jesus .. loved him
Mk 10:22 he had many possessions

Lk 17.19 your faith 2 Tim 2.12 he will also deny us 2 Kings 5.13 something difficult Lk 17.18 except this foreigner?
Lk 17.17 the other nine where are they?
Lk 17.19 your faith has made you well

Sunday 29 a, b, c.

Mt 22.21 give to God, Mt 22.18 aware of their malice Mt 22.18 aware of their malice 1 Th 1.9 what kind of welcome Mt 22.17 lawful to pay taxes
Mt 22.30 like angels in heaven
Mt 22.15 plotted to entrap Jesus

Mk 10.45 not to be served Mk 10.44 slave of all Heb 5.4 one does not presume Mk 10.35 whatever we ask of you Mk 10.35 do whatever we ask
Mk 10.32 going up to Jerusalem
Mk 10:32 they were amazed and .. afraid

Lk 18.8 will he find faith? 2 Tim 4.3 to suit their own desires Gen 32.24 a man wrestled with him Lk 18.6 the unjust judge
Lk 18.8 will he find faith?
Lk 18.11 I thank you that I am not like other people
Lk 18.4 no respect for anyone

Sunday 30 a, b, c.

Mt 22.39 you shall love, Lev 19.18 not ... bear a grudge 1 Th 2.12 God's word 1 Th 2.7 we speak .. to please God Mt 22.39 you shall love
Mt 22.37 love with all your mind
Mt 22.39 love the Lord your God

Mk 10.51 let me see Heb 7.25 he is able .. to save Mk 10.49 call him here Heb 7.26 separated from sinners Mk 10.51 what do you want me to do for you?
Mk 10:49 call him here

Lk 18.15 sternly ordered them not to do it 2 Tim 4.8 the crown of righteousness Lk 18.19 why do you call me good? Lk 18.18 to inherit eternal life
Lk 18.11 not like other people
Lk 18.29 left house or wife ..

Sunday 31 a, b, c.

Mt 23.2 tie up heavy burdens, Mt 23.38 house .. desolate Mt 23.9 call no one .. father Mt 23.10 nor .. instructors Mt 23.8 you are all students
Mt 23.4 tie up heavy burdens
Mt 23.8 you are not to be called rabbi

Mk 12.31 your neighbour as yourself Heb 9.11 Christ came as a high priest. Mk 12.34 not far from the kingdom
Mk 12.30 love God

Lk 19.8 I will give to the poor Isa 1.10 you rulers of Sodom Lk 19.7 all .. began to grumble
Isa 1.10 you rulers of Sodom

Sunday 32 a, b, c.

Mt 25.4 flasks of oil Am 5.23 I will not listen to .. your harps 1 Th 4.10 we urge you to .. behave properly Mt 25.5 all became drowsy and slept
Mt 25.5 drowsy and slept
Mt 25.9 go to the dealers and buy some

Mk 12.42 two small coins Mk 12.43 has put in more Heb 9.28 not to deal with sin, but to save Heb 9.28 eagerly waiting Mk 12.43 this poor widow
Mk 12.41 putting money into the treasury
Mk 12:41 he watched the crowd putting money into the treasury

Gen 38.8 masturbation ?!? Job 19.24 engraved on a rock for ever! Lk 20.33 whose wife will she be? 2Th 2.15 hold fast to the traditions Lk 20.35 nor are given in marriage
Lk 20.33 whose wife?
Lk 20.27 no resurrection?

Sunday 33 a, b, c.

Mt 25.21 share (my) happiness 1 Th 5.9 God has destined us not for wrath 1 Th 5.11 encourage one another Mt 25.21 enter into the joy of your master
Mt 25.21 enter into the joy of your master
Mt 25.14 a man, going on a journey

Heb 10.11 take away sins Mk 13.2 all will be thrown down Heb 10.22 an evil conscience famines Mk 13.8 Mk 13.9 beaten in synagogues
Mk 13.6 I am he
Mk 13:2 all will be thrown down

2 Thess 3.11 mere busybodies Lk 21.6 all will be thrown down Lk 21:19 by your endurance you will gain your souls Lk 21.7 when will this be
Lk 21.8 do not go after them
Lk 21.14 not to prepare your defense

Christ the King a, b, c.

Mt 25.40 atheists saved, Mt 25.40 my family. Eph 1.20 far above all .. dominion Eph 1.18 riches of his glorious inheritance Mt 25.40 you did it to me
Mt 25.37 when was it?
Mt 25.32 separated people one from another

Jn 18.36 would be fighting Jn 18.36 to keep me from being handed over Rev 1.6 a kingdom Rev 1.4 grace .. peace .. from God
Jn 18.36 would be fighting
Jn 18:37 everyone who belongs to the truth listens to my voice

Lk 23.34 they do not know what they are doing Col 1.20 peace through the blood Col 1.17 in (Christ) all things hold together Lk 23.37 King .. save youself .. and us
Lk 23.34 Father forgive them
Lk 23.41 what we deserve

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